Bunbury memorial inscriptions

Inscriptions, Lettering Finishes and Laser Etching

At Hancock Memorials, we offer a variety of inscriptions, letter finishes and laser etching options combined with an experienced and caring consultant who can ensure you are able to create that special message, which is a truly lasting and appropriate memory of your loved one. Once the wording, artwork and accessories for an inscription has been finalised, a layout is printed  showing exactly how the inscription will look on the memorial and a signature confirming final approval  is required to enable work to progress. This ensures everything is exactly right and everyone has peace of mind.

Inscription Lettering

The inscription is sandblasted into the headstone and one of the following methods of application are used:


  • Gloss enamel paint in a choice of gold, black or brown
  • 23 carat gold leaf
  • Metal spray aluminium


  • Black inscription fill.  Due to health and safety regulations we no longer use lead products in any of lettering


Artwork can be sandblasted onto memorials and finished one of our four finishes. We have a large collection of artwork designs to choose from including flowers, animals, crosses, sports, hobbies, and many more to assist in personalising your memorial.

Laser Etching

Laser etching is very life like and long lasting. A photograph, scene or inscription is etched onto the granite using a laser to produce a finely detailed image. This process is only offered with our Black Granite as this allows the laser etching to be seen at its best.

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Quality Workmanship

We only use the finest materials and we guarantee the quality and workmanship of every memorial we create.

Personalised Memorials

Your loved one was special and their memorial should be too. Every memorial we create is personalised.

50+ Years Experience

The Bovell Family has been involved in the stone industry for over 50 years and has 3 generations working in the business.

Care & Understanding

Our caring and professional consultants understand and respect the difficulty involved in selecting a memorial after the loss of a loved one.