Ashes, Cremations Urns & Keepsakes

Ashes – Cremation Urns, Keepsakes

We offer a range of Memorial Cremation options to suit the needs of individual families. We have a wide selection of urns from which to choose, from the traditional through to environmental biodegradable options and scattering tubes as well as granite memorial benches. Below are some examples of our different options, to see our full range please visit our showroom.

Brass Urns

We have brass urns in a wide range of designs, styles and sizes that allow for individual expression of a loved one’s style or interests.

Stone Urns

Stone is one of the most time honoured materials for cremation urns due to it’s durability, timeless quality and graceful beauty. Our Urns are available in a range of colours. They can also be personalised with inscriptions, artwork and accessories.

Timber Urns

Timber urns are a lovely way to honour the memory of loved ones particularly those who enjoyed being out in the natural environment or who appreciated the many qualities of wood through woodworking or furniture building. Our Reflections Wood Urns and Australian Made Solid Wood Urns include maple, rosewood, walnut and satin oak.

Huggable Urns

You can cuddle and keep your loved one close.  Every Huggable bear is made with high quality plush material and are very soft to the touch. Each urn comes with a velvet pouch, which is lined to contain the ashes and placed into the Teddy in an internal zip compartment. Huggable urns are designed to hold a smaller amount of ashes or your loved ones treasured items.

Environmental Urns

An extensive range of Environmental urns are available for families wishing to memorialise their loved one in a modern and environmentally friendly way. These urns can be used for scattering, interring in a grave or for releasing ashes into the ocean or rivers. They are made from recycled paper, cardboard and biodegradable materials.

Garden Stake Memorials

Take home memorials are suitable for families to memorialise and remember a loved one outside the traditional cemetery or crematorium garden. Many families like the option of having an additional memorial at a place of significance to their loved one. A large selection of artwork is also available to further enhance the appearance of the memorial.  Garden stake memorials are traditionally small, with a maximum size of 150mm x 100mm.

Granite Benches

Ashes are sealed inside granite benches that families can personalise with inscriptions, artwork and accessories to reflect the personalities and interests of their loved ones. The benches although heavy are portable and can be placed outdoors without damage due to the strength and durability of granite, providing a place to remember and reflect with your loved one for years to come. Benches may be handed down through the family becoming a much loved heirloom of great sentimental significance.

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Quality Workmanship

We only use the finest materials and we guarantee the quality and workmanship of every memorial we create.

Personalised Memorials

Your loved one was special and their memorial should be too. Every memorial we create is personalised.

50+ Years Experience

The Bovell Family has been involved in the stone industry for over 50 years and has 3 generations working in the business.

Care & Understanding

Our caring and professional consultants understand and respect the difficulty involved in selecting a memorial after the loss of a loved one.